Unbelievable Coincidences That Actually Happened!

Sometimes, we face something that we can only explain as COINCIDENCE because any other explanations wouldn’t made sense.

Would you believe that a girl found her actual boyfriend in an old picture with her even before she got to know him? Or someone has walked the exact same number of steps in this week as the past week? I know it’s a little hard to believe, but this is the point of this post. Scoop has compiled to you some of weirdest coincidences ever. Keep scrolling down and tell us, upvote the one you like the most and tell us in the comment what you think about them!

#1 My friend opened two fortune cookies in a row and this what he found:

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#2 This guy was in his future wife’s family picture (the guy on the left) even before they met

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    #3 Same cars, same color in front of a building with the same color

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      #4 Is It The Same Girl?

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        #5 After She Cared Of a Premature Baby 28 Years Ago, He Became Her Collegue Doctor

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          #6 “This is not a coincidence”

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          #7 This car Has The Same Wheels As The Garbage Can

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          #8 I Bought This Toy Airplane That Has The Same Tail Number As The Real One

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            #9 This man found a mini plastic version of himself

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              #10 My doctor said: “You kinda look like that guy on the wall over there!”…

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                #11 Her eyebrows continue the circle from her hat

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                  #12 Pigeon poops portrait of itself on a leaf

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