The Results Of A Boring Day At Work

Fact: When you get bored you creativity increases 2 times more..Maybe that’s not always true but there is some truth in it. When you get too bored you just grab something in your office and try make something out of it.

Today Scoop gathered the most creative and funny things people have decided to do while they were bored at work. Keep scrolling down, upvote you favorite photos, share you awesome comments in the comments section and ENJOY YOUR DAILY SCOOP OF THE INTERNET! 

#1 Someone in one of the dorms in my university had a lot of time on their hands.

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#2 A piece of art

43 points
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#3 When you have too much time at work

42 points
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#4 My friend Paul was so bored today. Look what he made

40 points
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#5 My sister was too bored at work today…

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#6 Have you ever been so bored that you started drawing on a banana?

36 points
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#7 This is made from pringles + boredom

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#8 A pencil carved into a spiral

31 points
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#9 she works at a high end hair salon, and sends me photos like this when she’s bored.

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#10 Slow day at work. No photoshop. Why not Excel Mike Tyson?

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