The Most Awesome Grandparents Ever

Grandparents are the best, they understand the true meaning of love. The thought of your grandparent brings joy and happiness to your heart, especially when you remember the hugs, smiles and the fun time you have shared with them. Unconsciously our grandparents have funny characters, they have done several things that would keep you rolling on your bellies.  

Here is a beautiful photo collection of Awesome Grandparents. 

#1 My grandmother has had this up in her house for 30+ years. Just noticed she pasted her face over Scarlet O’Hara

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#2 My grandma’s favorite painting in her house

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#3 I asked for a car full of money for my birthday, grandmother delivers.

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#4 Grandma bought a bell for my 2yo nephew and couldn’t understand why I chuckled so hard

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#5 ATM security. Level: Grandma

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#6 my girlfriend asked her grandmother if she’d walk her dog while she was at work. this is what she came home to.

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#7 Grandfather is going into an assisted living home and I’m cleaning out his trailer for him. Found this gem among his hoarder VHS collection.

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#8 When grandma gets carried away.

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#9 My grandma loves her “Jesus” statue.

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#10 My grandmother loves Tim Tebow, so we got her this for her birthday.

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