People Having Bad Day At School

Going to school is not all that fun. Now imagine something going wrong, spoiling your entire day at school. Such occurrence can leave you miserable and frustrated through out your classes.

Here is a collection of people having a bad day at school.

#1 A kid skipped class to stream and someone told the teacher so they started watching him

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    • If he was sick he would have stay in bed instead of streaming and he can’t be on vacation. That is why we gave summer

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#2 This survey link in my class was wrote wrong, it directed everyone to a Russian porn site.

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#3 Silent scream for help…

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#4 So my University’s library just uploaded these pictures to their Facebook page

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#5 The reality of 70% of the people that go to college…

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#6 After an exhausting 45 minutes at my Taekwondo class.

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#7 It was my substitute teacher’s first day on the job, and this is what we walk in class to. Dry erase markers on a promethean board isn’t it yall

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#8 Had my legs crossed under the desk in college. Why do people do this.

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#9 We had a project in our class where we were supposed to build chairs out of cardboard; this was the result of the first test of one of the groups

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#10 The last peaceful day before students arrive starts like this

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#11 he even looks like such a teacher…

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#12 Right before class

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